Hey there, university recruiters and marketers! You’ve got a mission, right? To attract the brightest and best-fit students for your institution. Well, guess what? The tech wizards and education marketing agencies have brewed up a brilliant strategy: geofencing SAT/ACT test locations. Let’s unlock this geo-potential and get your recruitment game soaring!

Timely Engagement: Picture this – as students emerge from test centers, slightly frazzled but relieved, their phones light up with your university’s message. Maybe it’s a hearty congratulations, a study tip, or even an invitation to an open house. Talk about making an impression when it matters most!

Showcasing Campus Culture: The post-test phase is when students start dreaming about their college life. Geofencing can give them a digital window into your campus. How about a video snippet of a bustling college fest, a virtual tour of the dorms, or even a sneak peek into an exciting workshop?

Early Bird Scholarships: Let’s jazz things up! Offer early scholarship applications or fee waivers to students who engage with your content post-test. It’s like giving them a VIP pass to opportunities, and who doesn’t love that?

Real-time Q&A: Post-test jitters are real! Set up a live chat or a webinar for students to ask questions about college admissions, course details, or even tips for post-test relaxation. Being there for them can make your institution stand out from the crowd.

Feedback Frenzy: Use geofencing to pop up quick feedback forms. Ask students about their test experience, their college aspirations, and their field of interest. This not only makes them feel valued but also gives you a goldmine of insights for tailored campaigns.

Boosting Campus Visits: Offer an exclusive invite or some fun goodies for students who decide to visit your campus post-test. Think: “Hey there, rockstar! How about a campus tour this weekend? First 50 get a swanky university hoodie!”